China 2009

2009 年中国行

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During the summer of 2009, while in China, we joined a study tour organized by Prof. Greg Ruf of Stony Brook University. The trip is long, the reflections are many, such that we have to leave them in many disparate forms.

2009年夏,我们在中国参加了石溪大学葛瑞峰教授组织的游学团。因为见多识广,我们的见闻分别总结在以下几处 (内容多为英文)。

  1. China 2009, A Re-Education
    人生天地间, 忽如远行客
  2. How's China Today — First Impressions
  3. Solar Energy In China
  4. Traffic In China
  5. China: New and Old
  6. China the Beautiful 美丽中国
  7. China, the not so beautiful
  8. WMD, Non-Believers, and Power of Words 语言的力量
  9. Anthropology and Uncertainty Principle

In addition, here is a website built by a Stony Brook student about the trip: China: Ethnicity and Ecology.

Several panoramic views. 几幅全景相片。