Out of Africa

Our Trip to Morocco, Gibraltar and Southern Spain

Jackson & Agnes He, 2011

GPS track of the road we covered (ferry across the Gibraltar Strait is in pink). Total distance driven: about 3000 km (1910 km in Morocco, 1058 km in Spain and Gibraltar). Tracks with different colors are mostly driven on different days.

From Aug. 3 to Aug. 25 of 2010, we made a trip to Morocco, Spain, and Gibraltar. It was a very memorable trip for us. Our travelogue is split into several parts, only so that we have some hope of finishing at least a part of it.

Part 1: Preparation

Part 2: Marrakech

Part 3: Itran Kasbah

Part 4: To the Sahara, and Back!

Part 5: Out of Africa: Ifrane and Tangier

Part 6: Southern Spain and Gibraltar

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