HeHe: Writings

2022: Puerto Rico Travel Notes

2018: Japan Travelogue

2017: “For Our Freedom and Yours”: Our Trip to Poland and Germany

2017: A Double Return: Our Trip to Ireland

2014: Russia Travelogue

2012: Southern Spain and Gibraltar

2011: Out of Africa

2010: Don’t Cry for me, Argentina

2009: China: an Ethnicity and Ecology Study Tour

2009: Mexican Matters—Our trip to Yucatan

2008: Edge of Heaven and Corner of Sea — Our Trip to Greece

2006: “Torna a Surriento” — Our Trip to Italy

2005: On the Bonnie Banks — Our Trip to UK

1995-96: European Travelogue
1995-96: 欧洲记行

1993-94: China Travelogue